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Author: Landen Zumwalt

Getting Back to the “Relations” in Media Relations: How to Cultivate Strong Reporter Relationships

By Landen Zumwalt

Recently, I had the good fortune of being handed one of the “holy grails” of PR: a reporter contact of mine reached out to me with a story idea and wanted to know if I could connect him to a source. Naturally, I was ecstatic he had thought of me and immediately presented the opportunity [...]

Posted on 11.11.14 @ 03:07 PM   |   View Most Recent Entries by Landen Zumwalt

Author: Jeremy Bartram

The Wall Street Journal Wants to Talk – Now What?

By Jeremy Bartram

Your big day has arrived. After a lot of hard work to do what is best for your customers, investors and employees, your company is starting to get the recognition it deserves. The Wall Street Journal just emailed you for comment on an emerging trend related to your business. Piece of cake! Story in the [...]

Posted on 11.03.14 @ 02:58 PM   |   View Most Recent Entries by Jeremy Bartram

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