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RHetoric Blog

Author: Trish Rimo

If It Bleeds It Leads – Navigating the Fine Line of Newsjacking During a Catastrophe

By Trish Rimo

When – if ever – is it appropriate to use a tragic event reported in the news to pitch your own (or your client’s) message? At RH Strategic we’re pretty successful with the tactic of “newsjacking”: jumping on events like a government shutdown or a data breach to insert our clients’ voice into the mix. [...]

Posted on 2.25.15 @ 02:28 PM   |   View Most Recent Entries by Trish Rimo

Author: Kara Lundberg

Three things to check twice for successful PR planning

By Kara Lundberg

For many, the start of the new year means the kick-off of new PR plans and updated strategies. These plans are often integrated with a company’s overall marketing, sales and corporate objectives. And, if successful, should provide your business with optimum results in media. It is our best practice to counsel clients to review and [...]

Posted on 1.26.15 @ 07:21 PM   |   View Most Recent Entries by Kara Lundberg

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