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Submit a request for informationPublic Relations isn't what it used to be. Traditional media is vital, but your customers are now influenced by dozens of sources online and off: videos, infographics, articles, search, shares, groups, hash tags, meet-ups, and more. If you want to be top-of-mind in Enterprise Technology, Healthcare, or Public Sector, RH Strategic has the expertise to deliver.

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RHetoric Blog

Author: Jack Kantelis

PR vs. Marketing – Two Sides of the Same Coin, with Differences

By Jack Kantelis

PR and marketing are often thought of as two heads of the same beast – they both involve communicating and promoting a company or organization to a broader audience. Inside many organizations, PR and Marketing responsibilities often fall on the same people, and many agencies will offer PR and Marketing services to clients. But when [...]

Posted on 7.06.15 @ 01:48 AM   |   View Most Recent Entries by Jack Kantelis

Author: Jeremy Bartram

An Infographic is Worth a Thousand Media Impressions… and Likely a Lot More

By Jeremy Bartram

We’ve spoken about the power of “newsjacking”: inserting our clients’ voices into relevant breaking news cycles, such as the latest technology developments in driverless cars (client: BoldIQ) or the alarming trends in school-based violence (client: Haystax Technology). Newsjacking can be a highly effective method for elevating a company’s profile and demonstrating expertise on a specific [...]

Posted on 6.23.15 @ 08:24 PM   |   View Most Recent Entries by Jeremy Bartram

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