Public Relations for the Public Sector

While government spending as a whole is down, public sector spending on technology continues to rise. Public sector buyers are heavily influenced by messaging that mirrors policy objectives, and by their peers' successes.

RH Strategic understands these dynamics, and creates public relations campaigns that speak the language of public sector decision-makers. Many of us hail from public sector backgrounds and know first-hand what drives the buyers and influencers in this unique environment.

Recent Successes on Behalf of Public Sector Clients

  • Worked with a leading Think Tank on groundbreaking report of global economic impact of cybercrime, establishing cybersecurity client as thought leader on real-world impact of hacking
  • 'Newsjacked' major data breaches at federal government agencies, uncovering thought leadership opportunities for security clients to speak about cybersecurity best practices
  • Conducted paid Twitter advertisement campaign encouraging target audience to enroll in security program, leading to hundreds of visits to client's website
  • Launched a client company as a new brand following an acquisition, establishing it as a leading U.S. identity solutions provider, thought leader and employer of choice through national, trade and local media and analyst relations, a robust speakers' bureau, crisis communication planning and management, and a series of strategic campaigns.
  • Built DC thought leadership, amplified federal sales efforts and publicized public policy positions for one of world's largest cybersecurity companies. We serve as the DC media relations team, structure events, create policy collateral including congressional testimony, engage in social media and blogging, and identify and manage opportunities for thought leadership.
  • Developed a strategic approach and implemented creative ideas for Sonetics, Firecom, and Flightcom that led to a regular drumbeat of impactful media placements in Emergency Management, Signal, and Homeland1. Placements resulted in increased industry event exposure and award recognitions, helping introduce the client to new markets and customers.
  • Positioned a company that sells interoperability software to the public sector as a thought-leader on software-based communication, helping introduce them to vertical markets in military, public safety, transportation, utilities and enterprise through strategic media placement in Defense Systems, Government Computer News, and Government Product News.
  • Enhanced public policy efforts for Flightcom through content development, including whitepapers, backgrounders and boilerplates.
  • Scored continuous, month-to-month media coverage for Apollo Video Technology, a provider of video surveillance and mapping technology for public transit and education, resulting in increased sales leads and brand leadership in the state and local government markets.
  • Led the broadband stimulus grant proposal process for GCI, resulting in an $88 million win for the build-out of a high speed terrestrial network.
  • Secured speaking opportunities for our client's executives with the National Governor's Association, the National Conference of State Legislatures, the Heritage Foundation and the American Enterprise Institute.
  • Collaborated with Digimarc to create a brochure that defines digital watermarking and how this technology is revolutionizing the security, efficiency and significance of digital media. We developed the copy for "Digital Watermarking for Geospatial Applications" and helped modify the highly technical language to create a guide that is both informative and compelling, yet easy to understand.
  • Simplified the messaging of a company's ID security product to appeal to policymakers, D.C. think tanks and the press. We packaged this work into a white paper and brochure, which we distributed in briefings, events, press meetings, and online. The content has been repeatedly referenced by these audiences in their own speeches, papers and publications.
  • Organized a series of Capitol Hill events for a coalition of media and entertainment industry companies to educate members of Congress, their staffs, and the D.C. press corps on new technologies to enable the safe distribution of movies, music and videos online.
  • Revamped a telecommunication company's proposal templates for federally-subsidized healthcare and educational institutions in order to facilitate the ease and speed of responding to RFPs and making proposals more compelling to read.
  • Conducted a press, think tank and trade association tour for a company seeking to establish its new government relations team and agenda in the nation's capital.
  • Convinced NASA to allow our client to demonstrate its new video conferencing product capabilities by connecting Alaska school kids with astronauts on board the International Space Station for a live video chat.
  • Introduced Digimarc's federal sales lead to our government relations contacts at a global electronics company, which resulted in a partnership to sell a joint technology solution to state governments.
  • Prepared clients for testimony before Congressional committees, arranged pre-briefings with committee members, and facilitated media interviews after hearings.
  • Helped Onvia establish a disaster recovery Web site for those affected by Hurricane Katrina in order to enable subscribers to find suppliers to help rebuild the community. The site has endured to this day and continues to be a resource for major disasters in the U.S., significantly bolstering the company's brand recognition and identity.

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